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Van idee naar online oplossing
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Connect the lightup microboard with Codebender

The easiest way to start programming the Lightup microboard is through Codebender. Codebender is a website where you can create and share your sketches for various Arduino boards. The microboard controller of Lightup is one of them. To use Codebender however you’ll need to use a chrome or firefox browser on a Linux, Mac OS-X 10.6-10.9 or a Windows Operating System.

Installation process

To use Codebender use the following steps:

  1.  Go to ,click on register and create an account.
  2.  Log in and click on the getting started button located on the left side.codebender_started
  3. You’re now entering a 5 page installation setup in which you install an add-on for your browser, the drivers to control the board and to test if everything is working. The setup is easy and fast. If a step is done, the setup proces sends you directly to the next step.
  4. After you click “Let go”,  the next step is to install and activate the add-on/extension for codebender. Restart your browser after the installation and this step is done.
  5. For Windows download the drivers package from various arduino boards, unzip the package and install the windows-driver-install.exe.
  6. Connect your microboard with the usb cable to your computer. The next step will try to identify your board on the correct port and test if the connection is working. Under “Other vendors” you’ll find the lightup board. The COM port (= usb port) should beset by codebender. Click on “Run on Arduino” to test the board.
  7. If all is well you’ll see the next screen and the green lights are on and the blue lights are blinking, then you are ready to program your Lightup microboard controller.